PHS-06A Photo Electric Controller

PHS-06A Photoelectric Controller With Socket : PHS-06A is designed for automatic light control. It can be used to turn on streetlights at night and turn off at dawn.


Any improper use of this product can cause a short circuit, which can damage product itself or even cause a fire.
Please read instruction carefully and make sure :
  • Wiring and mounting position are correct are according to instruction.
  • Auto lighter must work within rated current and voltage.



  • Rated Voltage : 105-305VAC
  • Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Rated Current : 10A
  • Max Load : 1000W, 1800VA
  • Working Environment : 32-122℉ (0℃~50℃
  • Acting time : Turn on in 30 seconds when light level ≦10 Lux
    Turn off in 2 minutes when light level ≧70 Lux
  • Specification :
    Weight : 220g
    Size : 110mm x 90mm x 85mm


  • Install with sensor face up to the sky as show in picture.
  • Window on the sensor should not face potential light sources.
  • Connect wires to circuit as following :
    Load : Red wire
    Common : White wire
    Source : Black wire
  • Mount light sensor to supporting structure with metal support.


  • PHS-06A (Photoelectric controller with socket)
  • PHS-06A-1 (Photoelectric controller only)
  • PHS-06A-2 (socket only)


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